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September 5, 2019 | 3 min read

5 Best Ways to Promote Work-Life Balance

Promote Work-Life Balance

You’ve heard it all before—it’s important to have work-life balance and give yourself that much-needed TLC. This may be easy to do when you’re single, but how do you do it when you have a family and a fulltime job? 

Many employees set aside their personal needs to accommodate everything and everyone else that they need to take care of. But this isn’t always healthy, according to studies. Lack of sleep often results to less productivity, stress, and can also affect an individual’s mental and physical health.

It is common for managers and colleagues to look at a lack of focus or motivation, irritability, and bad decision making as being caused by poor training, organizational politics or the work environment. The answer could be much simpler – a lack of sleep,” according to the book, The Wake-up Call: The Importance of Sleep in Organizational Life.

So, how can you balance life and work? Choosing the right employer is one key step. Here are a few more:

1. Get enough rest

Most employees spend 8-10 hours at work. And a few hours more in heavy traffic for many who live in the city and work regular day time jobs. This every day toll on your physical health must be met with ample rest. Hence, seven to eight hours of sleep every night is recommended. Getting enough rest can lift up your mood and make you more productive at work, experts say.

2. Spend quality time with friends and family

Taking time off and spending quality time with friends or family can do wonders to your overall well-being. This takes your mind off work and makes you remember that there are other important things in life apart from it. Spending time with the people who matter helps keep you motivated. This is why people feel super recharged after a vacation with friends and family.

3. Pursue your passions

Whether it’s a sport or a hobby, make sure to make yourself feel important by doing what you love. This gives you something to look forward to apart from work. You can also make a bucket list of things you’ve always wanted to do but can’t seem to find time to get it done. 

4. Ask for help

Work is work, and it’s also important. If you feel stressed out day in and day out, it may be time to check your goals and expectations at work. If you feel overworked, talk to a colleague if they can help you out with certain tasks and return the favor when they need it. Teamwork goes a long way in the workplace and can make any task easier.

5. Participate in employee engagement activities

A lot of companies are eager to promote work-life balance and come up with programs to keep employees engaged. These activities will help you meet like-minded people at work and at the same time, engage in activities you also love to do. You’ll be surprised how it can make going to work a lot easier afterwards.

Many jobseekers often focus on the financial aspect when looking for a job. However, it's also important to consider an organization's work environment and culture when job hunting. As an employer, JobStream App believes in promoting work-life balance through employee engagement.

It’s not always easy to find work-life balance, but it is achievable if there’s conscious effort in doing so. Time management and discipline are huge factors in promoting this, as well as the management’s eagerness to keep their employees healthy and happy.

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