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January 27, 2020 | 2 min read

How to Make Money in Your Spare Time

How to Make Money in Your Spare Time

We live in a really cool age where you can do your shopping, banking, and virtually anything including making money online. Whether you’re a student or an employee, making some extra cash on a side is always a great idea. If you have the time, here’s how you can make earn extra income:

Leverage Your Talent

Every person has a talent—and some are not even aware of it. It may come in a form of a hobby or something you’re very passionate about. The good news is you can use your talents to earn extra income. For instance, if you’re good at writing, you can take up blogging, create witty taglines for businesses, or research articles. If you love photography, you can sell your photos online. This makes working more fun since it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Buy and Sell

If sales and marketing is more of your strength, you can get yourself into buying and selling. This can range from small merchandise, to vehicles, to properties—depending on your capital and capacity to make a sale. You can also look for a supplier and start selling products online, which is also a good way to do a start-up business since there’s no need to rent out a space for a physical store.


If you’re quite good with a particular skill (playing the guitar, swimming, etc), you can teach others and get paid for doing so. Market your talent or skill on social media and get people to sign up or enrol. Teaching is a very rewarding profession since you can see your students acquire and hone their talents, thanks to you. 

Put Your Property Up for Rent

This goes for those who have property they can have rented out. Airbnb has gotten very popular due to its price and convenience that homeowners around the globe are making good money out of it. If you have the funding, you can invest in a condo unit and have it rented out by travellers. The better the location, the better rate you’ll get.

There are a lot of ways to make money during your spare time, you just need to be more creative and do a little research. You might be surprised at how much extra money you can actually make with the spare time you already have.

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