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July 8, 2020 | 2 min read

The New Normal


Our routines have changed as the pandemic Covid-19 affects the lives of every human on this planet. The usual things that we do such as going out with friends, hugging your loved ones, and even holding the hand of your special someone while walking is now prohibited with the "New normal". These simple things that we do and even the smallest things that we do not appreciate before, is the thing that most of us miss the most. Being Isolated and adjusting to the new normal is hard for us. And people tend to be affectionate. As the phrase says, "No man is an island", no one can really be self-sufficient. We tend to rely on the comfort and company of others to thrive. If you ever feel like you are alone or you feel like you are socially detached, here are some things you can do to reconnect with the people you love. 


• Instead of spending too much time scrolling through social media, contact your friends, family and ask them how they have been. 

• Lessen your screen time and do the things that you have been wanting to do before the Covid-19 outbreak. This is your chance! 

• Express yourself in art, even though you are not an artistic person like me you can express yourself in simple things like watching DIY vids and trying it out yourself. 

• Read a book or two! Since reading a book has a lot of benefits, it can improve your memory, focus, vocabulary and expand your knowledge. 

• You can also stay fit and organize an online Zumba with family and friends. This way you can bond with the people you love without risking each other's safety.

• We never stop growing as we never stop learning. Learn new things and educate yourself with things that you do not know about like cooking, baking, sewing, etc. 

Things may be challenging for us now, but we should learn how to adapt and overcome. These challenges we are facing today would help us grow as a person and makes us realize to value the simplest things in life. Just hold on! When this pandemic is over, we can finally hold the hands of the people we love the most. 



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