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November 6, 2019 | 2 min read

How to Deal with Difficult People at Work

JobStream on how to Deal with Difficult People at Work

No one can really choose who they get to work with. Often times, those who already have established careers are the ones who somehow get to pick their team. But for the rest of us, starting at a new office means getting to know new people that we’ll be working with on a regular basis. And sometimes, not everyone is pleasant to work with. So, what do you do when you’re faced with a difficult co-worker? Good news is you don’t need to find another job; here’s how to cope:

Stay Professional

The first thing to keep in mind when dealing with a difficult boss or co-worker is to keep your professionalism. Stay calm and stick to your objective, which is to get the job done. Make sure to keep your part of the project on track and coordinate with other members of the team. This way, your boss knows you’re doing your part. 

Set an Example

One way to deal with difficult person is by being outstanding at what you do. Everyone else will see your effort and work ethics, and it would be difficult for them to deny it. Actions speak louder than words, as they say, and often times, can silence bullies and haters in and outside of the workplace. Let your work do the talking.

Escalate the Issue

If after all efforts have been done and the negativity still affects your work, it’s time to escalate the issue to management. Have a chat with your boss and explain how and why a particular co-worker’s attitude is affecting your output and is contributing to negativity in the office. Just make sure to stick to facts and ask for input from other members of the team.

Sometimes our emotions can get the best of us and it’s crucial to keep ourselves calm, especially if it’s at work. We may not be able to change other people’s attitude or opinion, but we can always control our reaction towards it.

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