August 22, 2019 | 1 min read

JobStream App Blogger and Influencer Meet-up

JobStream App Blogger and Influencer Meet Up

Last Aug. 18, Jobstream App Philippines met with bloggers and influencers from various parts of the metro to introduce the app. We were met with enthusiastic smiles and curiosity, and everybody just wanted to know more about the revolutionary job search app.

The event was opened by Danes Borbon, JobStream App’s marketing manager, followed by a brief introduction by CEO and founder Maridel Mampusti (aka 'M'). M told everyone what inspired her to start JobStream. 

She also went on to share her journey as an employee and OFW, and the challenges she faced. “I was the only woman in a male-dominated firm. And it wasn’t very easy,” she shares. All the struggles of being employed (mismatched job opportunities, heavy traffic, and the like) prompted her to start the organization. “Our vision is to help Filipinos land the job they’ve always wanted—and to make the job search process a lot easier,” she adds.

Atty. Joseph Migrino also graced the event and talked about cyberbullying and copyright infringement. These are just some of the things most bloggers and influencers experience since they have very public profiles. Everyone learned a lot from Atty. Migrino’s talk and we capped the event with Dong Juan’s brownie ala mode. Needless to say, we all had a blast.

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