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February 1, 2020 | 3 min read

Top 10 Paying Jobs in 2020

Top 10 Paying Jobs in 2020

It’s the New Year in and many are keen on starting it right. If one of your goals this year is to live your best life, then your career should be top priority. Many will be changing careers at the start of the year, giving them a fresh avenue to take on. If landing a high-paying job is on your checklist, you might want to check on openings at JobStream App for these positions:

1. Aircraft Engineer, Pilot, and Navigator

Holding a degree in Aeronautics, Air transportation, or aircraft maintenance can get you a hefty pay check of P80,000 – P100,000/month. Main tasks and responsibilities of these professionals include aircraft maintenance, navigation, as well as pre- and in-flight tasks.

2. Finance and Securities Dealers and Broker

If you’re math wizard, then you might want to consider a career in finance and securities. This profession requires a degree in finance, business administration, or economics and pays from P80,000 – P90,000/month.

3. Civil Engineer

The passion for planning and building roads and infrastructures as well as a civil engineering degree can get you paid a handsome P68,000 – P70,000/month. The projects be from different industries (public or private) and will range from short term to long term and maintenance. 

4. Financial Risks Analyst (Actuaries)

It’s crucial for companies to measure financial risks and lessen (or if possible eliminate) losses. A financial risk analyst is equipped with a strong background in accountancy/economics and a matching degree. They design plans and strategies to manage these financial risks. This profession pays around P60,000/month.

5. Computer Programmer

There is a high demand for computer programmers in the digital age. Developing, troubleshooting, and maintaining software, apps, and games will pay you approximately P52,000+/month. This job requires a degree in IT or Computer Science.

6. System Analyst

The digital age comes with a great demand for digital workforce. Companies need system analysts who will perform quality checks on new and existing digital platforms and systems, as well as configure and maintain them. This profession also requires a degree in Information Technology (IT) or computer science. A system analysts makes about P51,000/month.

7. Computer Engineers

IT companies need computer engineers who are adept in developing computer software and hardware. They are also responsible in keeping company data safe and secure. Computer engineers in the Philippines earn approximately P49,000+/month.

8. Accountant

Every organization, regardless its size, needs an accountant to monitor and manage its financial standing on a regular basis. This role is essential to protecting the company’s financial assets through bookkeeping, payroll management, and other financial and auditory tasks. An accountant these days can earn around P47,000+.

9. Foreman and construction supervisor

Construction is only of the oldest industries around and there will always be a demand for foremen to oversee construction projects. This position requires a strong background in construction and a degree in industrial engineering. Foremen and construction supervisors earn approximately P47,000/month. 

10. Statisticians

Challenges are constant in business, which is why most enterprises hire statisticians to research and analyse data. This helps them prepare and design strategies to avoid or combat these problems based on statistical data. This position requires a degree in maths or statistics and pays around P41,000+/month.

If compensation is top priority for you this year, you might want to consider the above careers or gain the degree and experience required to work in these high-paying fields.

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