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July 20, 2020 | 2 min read

What is Video Resume?

alt="Using just the JobStream app, users can upload a video resume through this service to apply for a specific job offer"

A video resume also known as video profile is an enhancement of a traditional resume and offers an opportunity for the job seekers to create a lasting impression. It enables the candidates to showcase their skills and gives the employer a glimpse of the candidate’s personality.

History of video resumes dates back to the 1980s, when video resumes were recorded on VHS tapes. With the ease of accessibility to internet and technological advancements, making and editing video resume has become much simpler through the touch of our smartphones.

Advantages of a video resume

• An opportunity to showcase your abilities

• A compact answer to everything that the recruiter wants to know about you

• Enables to create a customized first impression 

• Exposes the willingness to learn and keep up with the current trends

• Ensures better visibility and creates a lasting impression

• Enable the enables the employer to scrutinize your personality

The following tips will help you create a resume that captures your true self:

#Be professional: Think of it as your interview and gear up accordingly. Dress neatly and maintain a calm demeanor. Focus on your language and mannerisms and do not waver from the context. Do not over share or get personal.

#Keep a script handy: Write down the things that you want to say through your resume. Include all the necessary information in it; specify your qualifications, goals, and achievements and why you think the company should hire you. But do not read directly from the script.

#Practice for perfection: To kill your nervous streak, practice several times before you make the final shot. Refer to the rough cut to figure out your shortcomings 

#Know the audience: Before planning your location and preparing your script, try to find out the type of audience you will be catering to. A video for the position of a professor would differ from a video for the post of an air hostess; move accordingly.

#Show more, talk less: make use of visuals to illustrate your skills. Graphic designers or editors can display their expertise through their video.

#Edit well: Be very sure to keep the video short and to the point. Get rid of distracting background noises and arrange the shots neatly before you submit it.

With JobStream, you can record a short video of yourself, letting employers know why you are the best person for the job while effectively showcasing your personality. Those who are looking jobs that rely heavily on character and personality can leverage this feature.

Upload your video resume now experience the possibilities it has to offer. Download the app now for free! 


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