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August 5, 2019 | 2 min read

Resume Writing Tips You Need to Know


Our resume is the first thing a prospective employer would look at to check if you’re qualified for a job. This makes it an important aspect of your job hunting process and will determine if you can get invited to an initial interview. Make sure to get the recruiter’s attention with these sure-fire tips from hiring managers. 

Keep It Short and Easy to Read

We know you want to put everything on your resume so the recruiter would know you’re the best candidate for the job, but this hardly works. Employers need to go through hundreds of applications and might not have the time to read a five-page CV. Keep your resume clean, simple, and straightforward. Here’s how:

a. Use simple, easy-to-read fonts. Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman are the most popular fonts because they are simple and easy to read. Use the same font throughout your resume and change the size only for headings (Professional background, educational attainment, achievements, and the like).

b. Try to keep it to two pages max. Do this by mentioning the most important highlights of your career or your scholastic achievements. There is no need to elaborate on these since you can talk about them during the interview. 

c. Avoid using jargons. Your resume may go through recruitment first, who may not be familiar with industry jargons. Write descriptions in a way that can be understood by almost anyone.

Look for Keywords on the Job Posting

Employers typically use keywords on the job posting to make sure they are attracting the right candidates. Always put these keywords on your resume so the recruiter can easily determine your qualifications. Use adjectives that best describe your skills and will allow you to perform the tasks involved in the job. Draw attention to these by writing them in bold.

Highlight Achievements

You want to get the employer’s attention the first few seconds they look at your resume. Make sure they find what they’re looking for by putting the most important information first – your career achievements. If you’re looking to get your first job, put in your scholastic achievements first. Start from the most recent one and list down only those that would be relevant to your desired position. 

Provide Contact Details

Let employers reach you through the most convenient way for them. Don’t forget to put in relevant contact details such as your mobile number, email address, Skype username (if applicable), and LinkedIn profile link. This already proves your eagerness to be a part of their team. 

Proofread and Edit

Don’t make the mistake of sending a resume you haven’t really read through. Keep in mind that this is one of your tickets to landing that job, so you’d want to impress the person who reads it. Proofread and edit your resume before making copies or sending them to prospective employers. 

Pro tip:

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