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March 31, 2020 | 2 min read

The Bright Side Of Quarantine


            Ever since the outbreak of the corona virus has worsened, the government had to take drastic measures. President Rodrigo Duterte declared a 30-day lockdown in Luzon in hopes of preventing more people from being infected. Students were devastated upon hearing the news, especially those who were about to graduate as many school activities were forced to be cancelled and it has been declared that classes are officially suspended. Because of the people being under quarantine at home, they had to rely on the internet for communication and entertainment purposes. 

            Being caged inside the house for a long period of time isn't exactly my penchant. Going online all the time and having a movie marathon non-stop may seem like a fun and pleasurable thing to do, but as days pass by it gets boring and you’ll eventually grow restless due to the unbearable boredom of dealing with the same cycle every day and being fully aware that you aren’t doing anything productive. I had to admit, the first week of being under quarantine was intolerable and dreadful, at least in my opinion. Instead of reading a book and browsing YouTube in my spare time, I had to do household chores. It didn’t exactly help that more activities kept piling up my schedule as I had to keep up with my daily work-out as an athlete and online submissions of school projects are to be done on or before the deadline. At one point, I suddenly prefer being at school, just sitting down on my desk, chattering amongst my friends, and studying.

We may think that it’s a punishment to be under lockdown. Nevertheless, as daily routines in schools and offices have been postponed, opportunities of spending time with the family have been given a chance, especially to those who were occupied in work for the whole day. Whether a situation may be good or bad, it has a purpose. Working hard for your living isn’t bad at all, but it wouldn’t hurt to pause once in a while and relish the moment of being in a relaxed atmosphere before getting back up again.

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