November 9, 2019 | 2 min read

Showcase Your Personality With JobStream App's Video Resume


A resume is the first thing that employers will look at to gauge if a candidate is qualified for the job. And most of the time, it only shows your scholastic and professional achievements. While these are important, it doesn’t give a relatable character to the applicant. An interviewer only gets a glimpse of the candidate’s personality during the initial interview—where many often feel shy or uneasy, making it difficult to let their personality shine through. This makes using a video resume (like that on JobStream App), necessary.

With job search app, JobStream, you can record a short video of yourself, letting employers know why you’re the best person for the job while effectively showcasing your personality. Those who are looking jobs that rely heavily on character and personality can leverage this feature. Now, here’s how you can make your video look professional:

Dress Up

Prepare for your video resume like how you would for an interview. Smart casual is a good choice, but if you’re applying for a leadership position, a business attire is more suitable. Go for a color that would be a good contrast against your background—the last thing you want is blending with the background.

Choose a Clean Background

You want to make a good first impression and everything in your video resume will say something about you. Look for a clean wall where you can shoot your video and make sure it’s clutter-free. Take the video in a quiet room, free from any interference or noise.


Like they say, practice makes perfect. You can rehearse in front of the mirror and record a few videos until you're satisfied with the output. Doing so helps you spot any areas for improvement til you get it better.

Getting ahead of the competition is crucial, especially with a lot of people vying for the same position. So, let your personality shine with a video resume and snag the job you've been wanting to land.

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