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September 4, 2019 | 3 min read

Top 5 Habits of People Who Get the Promotion


A promotion doesn't happen overnight. An employee could be working for years and continue working the same job in the coming years. But there are people who just have that ‘knack’ at getting promoted even after joining the company just a few months back. So, what separates these two types of employees?

Habit defines a character and the latter is what most employers are going to notice. If you ask your boss if you’re doing a good job, what do you think would he say? Are you consistent in your work ethics and productivity? How do you handle pressure and stress? Do your emotions get in the way of completing a task or helping a co-worker? These are some questions you need to ask yourself before thinking about a promotion, which mostly points to your habits.

If you are keen to step up in your career, it’s time to adopt the habits of employees who get the promotion:

They Have Set Career Goals

One thing that separates go-getters from the average employee is they have set career goals and make them clear to their employer. It’s not enough to tell yourself where you should be career-wise in a year, but you also need to communicate this with your superior. A good leader will support you on this and help you achieve your goals. This is something you need to consider during job search

They’re Team Players

Work can already be stressful in itself and working with someone who is easy to be around is a relief. Make sure to do your part in a team effort or lend a helping hand to a co-worker who needs it. Keep in mind that leaders are always there to support their team and help others reach their goals, too. These employees also have the initiative and doesn’t need nudging when there is work that needs to be done. 

They are Irreplaceable

There’s a saying that employees are dispensable and can be easily replaced. While this may be true, it’s not quite the same for everyone. Stand out employees who get the promotion plant their feet firmly into the company structure that they can be deemed irreplaceable. They do this by looking for areas for improvement and doing the necessary steps to resolve them. They create or modify processes to make them more efficient, making them a valuable part of a team.

They Love to Learn

There is no finish line to success, and in line with this, successful employees ensure they keep learning new things that will help them further their careers. Learning a new language, taking on photography, or any skill that you’re passionate can be stepping stones to success. The competition is tight, so you need to prove yourself worthy.

They are Natural Leaders

A lot of employees only look after their welfare and success at work—natural leaders have the ability to inspire others. These employees stand out because they are not just hardworking and smart, they also show compassion and dedication like they own the business. They look for ways to make things better at work—whether it’s attracting more clients or helping a newbie use the photocopier.

Taking your career to the next level requires more than just goal setting; it requires conscious effort and adapting a few champion habits. It’s essential to be consistent with these work ethics, so they can turn into strong habits at work.

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