August 17, 2018 | 2 min read

The surprising reasons why volunteering is important


Haven’t you ever been asked to help someone from time to time? A lot of people willingly help others while others needs a little push. The primary importance of volunteering is the impact that it makes in the lives of those who are less fortunate. Also, volunteering is step towards being an integral part of the global community.

Of course, you can spend your free hours freelancing or interning for a fortune 500 company. But, you’ll simply be logging endless hours in a thankless job. Volunteering is a whole lot more than just racking up hours. Read on to know its importance.

# New insights and experiences

Volunteering allows you to get involved with brand new things and develop social, technical and academic skills that are impossible to learn in a classroom environment. Whether you are tutoring underprivileged kids or helping out at your local library, you will get the opportunity to experience varied situations and environments. It will even help to bring out new hobbies, interests and opinions. Your horizons will be expanded.

# Creating connections with people

Building relationships with people is important, no matter where you go. Volunteering will help you sharpen your people skills and help you evolve as a person. When you meet people from different walks of life, you tend to develop an overall positive attitude and personality that will impress your future employers.

# Building lucrative career options

Charity work gives you great opportunities to test out your desired career path. It will give you an edge on your resume and prepare you to withstand any situation. You will have strength in character, improve problem-solving skills and be able to work more efficiently.

# Feeling of accomplishment

Giving or helping others who are not as fortunate as you will fill you with an immense sense of accomplishment. The return may not be monetary compensation, but the experience and work you will gain through volunteering is worth a lot more than any money can ever give you.

So, start volunteering. But, where will you find volunteer work? You can use numerous other online job portals to find jobs, but none of them post about volunteering work. Fortunately, there is the brand new JobStream App that connects non-profit organizations and volunteers. The app works smoothly on both iOS and Android devices. Download and create a lucrative volunteering portfolio and get involve with your community.


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